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Increased Confidence

My son has benefited immensely from the support he has received from Wendy. He has developed a great interest in learning, which is now a pleasure for him rather than a chore. For me, the resulting increase in confidence in his own abilities has been very reassuring and also helped me to appreciate his individual quirks and interests.

I expect that my son will continue his tuition with Wendy well into the future – he would be very disappointed if it ceased!


Tools to Succeed

Our son, Thomas, was diagnosed with learning difficulties several years ago and has been seeing Wendy once a week ever since. He and she have always enjoyed a wonderfully open and mutually appreciative relationship, but equally importantly, Tom is now within his appropriate reading age, spelling really well, and is keeping up enough with his schoolmates that he no longer feels ‘different’. The truth is that Tom will always have challenges but Wendy has been absolutely vital in giving him the tools to face these challenges, to succeed, and be proud of his achievements.

S & M H

Confidence and Growth

My daughter really loves it and it has been very beneficial for her confidence and growth in her Education.



Wendy has provided our son with tutoring for 3 terms now to assist with his literacy. We can’t thank Wendy enough for her outstanding tutoring. We’ve noticed not only improvement in his literacy, but also his confidence. He’s always excited to go each week, which tells us he really enjoys his sessions.