What are your qualifications and experience?

After attaining a Bachelor of Education degree in 1984, I worked as a primary school teacher for 11 years. Then in 1996, I began work as a tutor.

In 2000, I established Breakthrough Tutorial Services with Wendy Sakul, and we ran this business for 23 years.

Appreciating the need to learn more about my chosen field, I gained a post-graduate Certificate in Special Education in 2003.

How does Encompass Tuition work?

You contact me via a phone call or an email where we can discuss your child’s needs. Then if you would like to proceed with some assistance, we can organise a starting date and time.

How long is each lesson?

A lesson runs for one hour.

How do I pay?

Cash or direct deposit are my preferred methods of payment. Payment is expected before or on the day of tuition.

How is educational progress reported?

I am happy to discuss your child’s progress during the designated session times, although there will be times when I will have to phone you to have a private conversation.

If you would like a written report based on test results, it can be done but this will incur a fee depending upon the number of words written. The fee schedule begins at $110.

Is tutoring available during the school holidays?

Tutoring is available during the last two weeks of the summer school holidays. There is the possibility of tutoring during the term holidays, but it will depend on my other commitments.

Do you have group tuition?


I have found that one-to-one tuition is the most effective way for a child to learn as it allows me to target a child’s particular needs and to find ways that best engage them in their learning. Also, most children feel more at ease when they don’t have their peers observing them. Reduced stress and anxiety will enable a child to do their best.

Can I stop tuition at any time?

You can cease tuition without a penalty, but I would appreciate at least one week’s notice.

How much will a lesson cost?

The standard fee for a one-hour lesson is $73.

This fee is reduced to $68 per hour if: –

  • The appointment is before 3.30pm
  • You hold a healthcare card.
  • Two or more children from your family attend weekly tuition.
  • The student attends two or more one-hour sessions per week.
Can I cancel a lesson?

I understand that sometimes things just don’t go to plan. If you can notify me at least one hour prior to the scheduled lesson, you won’t be charged the full fee, and will only pay $30 for the missed lesson.

For the child scheduled to start tuition at 3.30 pm, 20-minutes notification will be accepted. A holding fee still applies, though.

The full fee will be charged if I’m not notified within the timeframe outlined above.

Do you offer a make-up session if I must cancel a lesson?

If you don’t wish to pay the holding fee, I will endeavour to organise the session during the school holidays or at another mutually agreed time.

A maximum of two sessions per term can be rescheduled.

Where is tuition conducted?

Your child will come to my home, in Mt Stuart, to an annex at the back of my house.