Encompass Tuition provides these assessments:

    • Reading and Spelling Assessment
    • Writing Assessment
    • Maths Assessment
    • Irlen Screening

I provide a range of assessments for parents who seek a cost-effective way to know more about their children’s literacy and numeracy skills. An assessment will provide valuable insights into your child’s strengths and challenges and will guide me in designing the most appropriate learning program if you decide to enrol your child in tutoring.

Each assessment takes approximately an hour (cost is $95).

A parent is welcome to observe the assessment process.

A report is available upon request but does incur a fee.

Encompass Tuition Assessments

Literacy assessments

These are suitable for all infant and primary school students, including those with dyslexia.

Reading and Spelling Assessment

It consists of a phonemic awareness review, a phonological coding review, and standardised reading and spelling assessments. A standardised assessment gives an age range within which your child is performing, so you have an indication as to how they compare to their peers. Also, underlying issues may be revealed, such as auditory memory limitations or difficulties with eye tracking.

Writing Assessment

The student creates an idea, plans a plot, and writes a paragraph. Within this format, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar are also examined. As it is not a standardised test, it does not provide an age or grade level, but it will give you an indication of your child’s general level of achievement.

Waddington Reading Test
encompass tuition maths assessment

 Maths Assessment

This is available for Prep to Year 7 students and those with dyscalculia.
An assessment can take one of two forms:

    • One is a standardised assessment similar to a NAPLAN assessment and is conducted under comparable conditions.
    • The other form is a non-standardised assessment. A non-standardised assessment is usually more comfortable for the student as we work through questions appropriate for their level, and I can provide support if they begin to struggle. It involves an exploration of a student’s understanding and skills in number, basic operations (+, -, x, /), time, fractions, decimals, story problem solving, and number fact recall. An approximate grade level of attainment will be discussed with you.


Irlen Screening

Imagine this … You have been to an optometrist but still don’t have a satisfactory explanation as to why you or your child find reading so hard. Regular glasses have not improved reading, and the text still appears unstable, ‘swirly’ or ill-defined. It could mean that Irlen Syndrome is at play.

Irlen syndrome occurs when the brain does not correctly process the full spectrum of light, leading to distortions of text or other visual processing issues such as poor depth perception.

I am a certified Irlen Screener, and my role is to identify those individuals who have Irlen Syndrome. A part of the process involves placing different coloured overlays over a piece of text to find which colour reduces or eliminates visual distortions and makes reading more comfortable.

It could be the answer to your or your child’s visual difficulties.

An Irlen Screening takes approximately an hour and costs $110

irlen screening